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Help Notes for Posner Web Site

Word or Phrase
Search for word(s) or phrase in all main categories (author, title, subject, date). Results will display records of book(s) with your terms.

Use English version of an author's name as your first choice. Then, use the Latin form or the romanized form of the original language. (One tricky author is Hevelius, which yields hits, but Heweliusz is better.)

Use significant words from the title. The search engine scans the complete romanized title since many titles start with author's name in Latin. For example, you can use revolutionibus for Copernicus or cometicae for Halley's work.

Use Library of Congress subject headings for this search.

Publication Date
Use at least the first two digits 14-19 of the publication year. The search engine only looks at dates in the record's imprint. Roman numeral dates have an Arabic number added in parentheses, e.g., MDCXXXII (1632)

Search Inside Books
Enter word(s) or phrase to search all pages inside the collection's books for your term(s). Results will display record(s) of books with link(s) to the page(s) that have your term(s).

  • DIVA- To see the complete HELP for the DIVA search engine behind the database.

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